Wipey Wipes review

Wipey Wipes

Last week, I was lucky enough to win a competition on Instagram to win some Wipey Wipes. They are cloth wipes, not dissimilar to cloth nappies as they have a similar principle. The idea is that they’re reusable, better for your baby’s skin and obviously better for the planet as well. So here is my Wipey Wipes review.

The Wipey Wipes website says –

“Wipey Wipes are reusable wipes, available as a starter kit or as a range of individual items to make your own kit. A gentle alternative to disposable wipes.”

When they arrived, they were neatly packaged in a Tupperware tub. I later discovered that this was actually part of the kit! Inside the tub, there was a purple drawstring bag. And inside this, there was 10 rainbow wipes, a bag containing coconut soap cubes and a spray bottle.

Wipey Wipes

After getting everything out and having nosey at what there was, I set about finding instructions. They’re on the Wipey Wipes website, not difficult to find at all. They’re on the blog section and they’re so easy to follow…although it did take me a couple times reading through to get my head around it but I think that says more about me than the instructions!

Wipey Wipes 2

You put 400 ml of hot water into the tub (measurements are on the side) and then you add 1 soap cube. Let it dissolve and then allow the solution to cool down. At this stage, you can either dunk the wipes in the solution and wring them out and keep them in the wet bag so they’re ready to go. Or you can fill the spray bottle with the solution and spray as needed.

Wipey Wipes 3


When they arrived, Henry was suffering from a horrible cold. His nose was streaming non-stop. We usually use a muslin cloth for his nose but obviously, it isn’t the softest material and makes his nose sore. And once his nose is sore, disposable wipes irritate it, even though we buy the fragrance-free ones. So the Wipey Wipes were a welcome sight. They’re so soft on both sides so obviously are better for your child’s delicate skin. I can either use them dry or wet on his face and he doesn’t cry or whine when I do it…which is a result!

Obviously, they’re not as convenient as disposables in that they’re not easy to grab and go. I spray mine with the solution as I go but it could be easier to dunk and keep damp for ease but that’s a personal choice.
I use mine at the moment on Henry’s face and hands. I’d like to buy another set for his bum just to keep them separate.

Overall, I really like them. Once you get the hang of it, they’re really easy to use and I definitely prefer them to disposables. However, I will keep a pack of disposables handy for those incidents where you need a handful to get them clean! I would definitely recommend these to anyone. I was a bit dubious about them when I first heard of them but now I’m gutted I haven’t tried them sooner. You won’t regret it!

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