Why We’re Boycotting Plastic Toys

A couple of months ago, I wrote a post about how I’m embracing minimalism. Our house isn’t huge so the things we choose to bring in have to be either something we need or something that’s going to last a long time so we don’t need to replace it. Minimalism has really opened my eyes and made me think about whether we honestly need everything we want and it’s helped me rein in on my spending (not so much on food or takeaways but baby steps!)

Which brings me onto toys for the boys. Over the 3.5 years I’ve been a parent, my house has seen a lot of plastic. Even from when Henry was a tiny baby, plastic toys were just accepted because that’s what most baby toys are made from. As he’s gotten older (and more inquisitive), I’ve noticed that these plastic toys are getting broken a lot quicker than the wooden ones. I remember Henry had this plastic bear rattle which if he shook it, little balls fell down a clear tube and he absolutely loved it. He dropped it outside one day and a plastic bit inside the tube broke off. I spent that afternoon rushing around looking for a new one.

Wooden toys are much more sturdy. Last year, my mum bought Henry a wooden toy kitchen for Christmas. Both of the boys play with it every day and nearly a year on, not one thing has broken on it. Whereas several plastic toys they were bought have either been broken or we’ve thrown them out because they’ve been too flimsy. The colours on plastic toys are so garish too, I’ve often wondered if the plastic banana they’ve got glows in the dark! It’s ridiculously fluorescent and if an actual banana was that colour, I’d be questioning it. 

We’re also trying to put less waste out there so the plastic toys that get broken just add to our family waste. And I don’t want this to be a preachy post because we all do what we think is right but the amount of chemicals used on a plastic toy just doesn’t sit right with me, especially as Archie is putting things in his mouth all the time. I caught him eating a 10p yesterday. But they don’t eat off plastic plates, I stopped that when the Nemo plate we had started peeling. They have bamboo plates and they eat using the same cutlery as us. 

Don’t get me wrong, they still have plastic toys because I don’t want to just get rid of their existing ones because that would add to our waste pile, I’d rather wait until they’ve broken. And there are plastic toys that they love and it’d break their hearts for me to chuck it out. 

Wooden toys just seem, to me, better than plastic ones. What are your thoughts? Have you boycotted the plastic too or is this something you haven’t thought about? Please get in touch, I love to know what you’re all thinking.

Shannon x


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