What was in my February Cake Tasting box?

When this box lands on my doormat, it instantly makes my day better. It does suck that my post arrives at around 11.30am but I have to wait until Gareth gets home to tuck into these delicious baked goods! I got a lot of questions after my unboxing over on my Instagram Stories about where this amazing subscription box comes from. For £15 a month, you can subscribe to The Cake Tasting Club and receive a slice of cake, 2 brownies, another baked good (usually a cookie or biscuit of some kind), a hot drink and a recipe card. It’s worth doing, it’s part of my self care for the month. You can get your first box for 50% off if you go to the link on their Instagram bio OR sign up to their newsletter to get £5 off. You’re still in time to get this month’s box, just head over there and place your order before midnight TOMORROW! Shall we take a look at what is in this month’s box?

The theme of this box was #selflove and there’s nothing I love more than diving headfirst into a giant slice of chocolate cake. So you can imagine how pleased I was to discover that the cake waiting for me inside was a chocolate fudge cake! It was deliciously dense with a thick fudgy frosting which sandwiched the two cakes together and covered the top. You know that kind of chocolate which is that thick, it almost glues your mouth shut? Yep, this was like that. Both me and Gareth really enjoyed it.

The brownie was chilli chocolate. I’m going to be truthfully honest, when I read the description card I wasn’t overly thrilled. Me and spice do not mix. But I was pleasantly surprised. There was a very slight warmth at the back of the throat but that’s almost taken away with the dark sweetness of the chocolate. There’s a reason chilli and chocolate go well together and this is it. Gareth said he’d have preferred more chilli but he has the extra hot sauce at Nandos!

There’s usually a second brownie but this month there was a caramel choc chip cookie bar. Luckily we got two bars because I didn’t want to share. They tasted like a really good chewy cookie with a sweet salted caramel sauce running through it. This is the recipe which is on the included recipe card and I can’t wait to bake these at home so I can eat them whenever.

Lastly, there were coffee kisses. Two coffee biscuits which were sandwiched together with a coffee frosting. I absolutely love coffee cake so I was really looking forward to these. I didn’t think I’d have to share these because although he loves to drink coffee, Gareth can’t stand any coffee flavouring. But he wanted to try them. They didn’t have a strong coffee flavour which I was a little bit disappointed with but nevertheless, they were still delicious. Crumbly and buttery with a smooth frosting…what’s not to love?

The drink was a Pukka English Breakfast teabag. I made this before we even ate the cake, it was my drink to get me through a morning of work. It has to be one of the best cups of tea I’ve had in a while and I think I might need to buy some more of these when we next go shopping.

Overall, I think this was my favourite box of the 3 I’ve received. There wasn’t one thing in here I didn’t like, all the cakes were delicious. I’m already looking forward to next month’s!


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