We’re not having a wedding…we’re getting married

As I’m sure you’re all aware by now, we’re getting married this month! Having only booked it in November, it seems to have come around so fast and I’m not sure we’re fully prepared for what’s coming. However, when most people hear the word “wedding”, they automatically have this image of a church, a big white dress and a party with all of your friends and family. Ours couldn’t be further from that image.

Neither of us are the slightest bit religious. If you wanted to put a label to our “beliefs”, we’d call ourselves Pagan. Gareth is more so than me but I’m starting to get into it and the more I learn, the more interested I’m becoming. He hasn’t been christened, unlike me, so even if we wanted to get married in a church it’s highly unlikely that we’d be able to unless he got christened before the ceremony. We decided right from the beginning that we’d have a registry office ceremony but the more we thought about it, the less we wanted the pomp and charade that goes with it. So we bit the bullet and chose the simplest option…a ceremony with two witnesses. Yes, it means that people are left out of seeing us get married but there would have been hassle if we’d invited everyone (there’s been hassle this way too!) but on the whole, it’s been lovely and calm. It cost us £50 and we’re getting married inside a library which I think is so cool!

I don’t have a wedding dress. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen the fuss I had when I thought I found my dream dress. It took me ages to find it in my size but when I got it, it wasn’t love. I don’t wear dresses or skirts very often so I wondered why I was trying to find one for my wedding day. Instead I’ve found the most amazing crop leg jumpsuit. It’s white with pink flower detailing so it looks wedding-y but it’s definitely more my style than a dress. Gareth isn’t wearing a suit, he’s got a checked shirt, grey ripped jeans with braces and he’s wearing his black Vans. We haven’t bought the boys anything as of yet but they’ll most likely have grey jeans with a shirt too.

There’s no big party afterwards. We’ve invited a small number of friends and family to have lunch with us at a nearby pub that afternoon. We sent out invitations but no RSPV’s so if people want to come, they’ll turn up on the day. It’s just a way for us to celebrate with people we actually want to be there and not people we’ve had to invite because it’s a wedding and it’s expected.

Me and Gareth aren’t spending the night before apart and we’re getting ready together that morning. He’s seen what I’m wearing, he’s seen me in it because I wanted his opinion. We’re staying in a hotel with the boys the night before and then they’re going to my mum’s for a week while we go to Edinburgh for 3 nights. We couldn’t afford a honeymoon abroad so that’s what we’ve settled on. We’re also going to get matching tattoos while we’re there as a wedding present to ourselves.

We’ve already built a life together, one in which we have a home and a family. There’s no reason for us to pretend that this is the start of our lives together because it isn’t. It’s merely another chapter in our story.

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