We went wild at Woburn!

So this post is a little later than I’d wanted to post it but life has been crazy here! We’ve had 2 long weekends, one after the other, and work etc has just taken up a lot of my spare time when I’d usually sit down and write on here. But I’ve got a small chunk free now so I thought I’d share the adventure we had for Henry’s birthday this year.

For the boys birthdays, ever since Henry’s first one, we’ve spent it at a zoo of some kind. London Zoo, Bugtopia at Rutland Water, Banham Zoo and West Lodge Farm are the one’s we’ve visited so far. We didn’t want to break tradition this year so we headed to Woburn Safari Park. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s just outside of Milton Keynes and has a drive around safari where you can drive among rhinos, lions, tigers and monkeys. Then you park up and walk around a small section where there’s meerkats, penguins and sea lions. I haven’t been since just before Henry was born actually, I think I was 34 weeks pregnant so it was strange to go back with a 4 year old but the boys absolutely loved it.

Look below for my favourite photos of the day and if you want to watch our video of the day, I’ve added the link for you right here! Please subscribe, give it a thumbs up and comment to let me know what you thought!

It can be quite costly, for us 4 it would have cost us £64.99 which is the online price for 2 adults and 1 child (Archie is free because he’s under 3). We did bring our own picnic to save on cost inside the park and also because Henry got to choose his birthday lunch. We made a trip to Aldi the day before and I let him choose anything he wanted. We did buy drinks when inside though because the weather was quite warm and we also bought a magnet from the gift shop because that’s what we do when we go to a new place.

Overall, we had a really lovely day. Our trip to Whipsnade in January cost us about the same and I personally felt like Woburn was better. The walk around bit was smaller but everything was close together which is perfect for small children and how often do you get to drive around and have a tiger walking on the road in front of you? If you’re ever nearby, pop in and check it out!


Disclaimer: We were given admission free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All views and opinions expressed are my own and haven’t been affected by this, nor have I been told what to write.

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