To my firstborn..

Baby Henry

Dear Henry, my firstborn. In about a month, you’re going to become a big brother. You’ve had me and your Daddy to yourself for 27 months now. You’re a very clever and switched on little boy (if I do say so myself!) however, you’re not going to fully understand what’s happening. There’s going to be a smaller person, demanding attention all the time and sometimes that will mean taking attention away from you.

But you have a very important job to do. You have to help Mummy and Daddy look after this baby. Bring us a new packet of wipes if we’ve run out mid nappy change and keep him entertained while Mummy goes for a wee. But the most important thing you have to do is be an excellent big brother. Archie will learn from you mostly. He’ll want to be like his big brother Henry, to play cars together and share Lego. And when you’re older, you’ll need to show him how to climb trees and ride a bike. You need to be the best brother you can be because Archie will be your best friend.ย 

Don’t think that having another baby changes the way we feel about you though. It absolutely won’t. You made me a Mummy. You were the first to call me Mummy, to fill my heart with a love I didn’t think was possible and to show me how simple yet fulfilling life can be. I became a better person the day you were born and I promised you that I would strive to be the best Mummy and to protect you for as long as I live. You become a big brother won’t make me love you any less. In fact, I’ll love you more. Even now, when you tell me that Archie is in my tummy and you kiss him, makes my heart swell with pride.ย 

Obviously, you’re going to argue because that’s what siblings do. I still argue with Uncle Pippy and Auntie Strawberry now..but that doesn’t mean I don’t love them or wouldn’t protect them. It just means that we disagree and that’s OK. We’ve all got each other’s backs, in everything. And that’s all I’ll ask from you both.

I have two arms so don’t feel like you can’t come for a cuddle when I’m feeding Archie or he’s sleeping on me. I want to cuddle both my babies at the same time. We’ll still do things together, just Mummy and Henry and we’ll do things as a family. Having a second baby will change things of course..but only for the better.

And just remember, no matter how many brothers and sisters you have, I will always love you exactly the same way as I did when we first met.

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  1. ailishdelaney says:

    Damn it child…I now have to re-do my make up! But Henry will never doubt your love for him, just as (I hope) you never doubted my love for you. Beautiful post hun xx

    • peanutandsprout says:

      Sorry! If it helps, I cried while writing it๐Ÿ˜‚ I don’t remember being an only child so having a brother is all I know. Which makes me feel better that Henry won’t ๐Ÿ˜Š I never doubted it xxx

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