The Works – mini haul

A few days ago, I put a video on my Instagram stories of Henry reading. I got so many lovely messages from people who’d seen it, saying that they couldn’t believe how well he could read for how old he is. I will put up a post soon about how to get your children interested in reading because I honestly believe that reading and books are an important part of our lives.

But for now, I’m just going to tell you about some books I picked up at the weekend. The Works have opened a store in the shopping centre near me and I couldn’t be more excited, it’s literally within walking distance. If you don’t know what The Works is, it’s a book/stationary shop which is quite cheap. You can pick up notebooks for a couple of quid, pens for a £1, cookbooks for £3-£4 but my personal favourite is the deal they have on children’s books. The boys will usually get some of their books for their birthday or Christmas, they’re usually 3 for £5 which is great as one children’s book is normally around £6.99. But when I went in on Saturday, this deal had changed to 5 for £5, making each book £1. How could I resist?!

Henry picked 4 of these books and I picked the last 1.

We’ve only read two of these books since we bought them on Saturday – Old Macdonald heard a Parp and Two Stubborn Pirates. With two boys and a man, any type of toilet humour is funny so of course they had to pick this one. And their favourite show on CBeebies at the moment is Swashbuckle so anything piratey is a winner. Henry also chose Charlie and the Cheesemonster although he hasn’t wanted to read it since we got home and he’s never watched an episode of Peppa Pig in his life so I’m thinking it was the dinosaur in George’s New Dinosaur that grabbed his attention. Which is why I picked the last book, Daisy Dinosaur Gets Lost.

We also saw this amazing dictionary. Not only will it help both boys with their alphabet but they’ll also learn the names of some pretty cool dinosaurs, some of which Gareth hadn’t even heard of and he’s usually a dinosaur nut. It was only £3, it should have been more expensive but I can’t remember exactly how much. It’s a sturdy board type book so it can stay downstairs and it won’t get destroyed!

They also had a pretty awesome Easter display with hats, baskets, activity packs and reading books. Henry’s recently shown more interest in colouring lately so we also got him an Easter colouring pack, with eight different pictures, some pencils and stickers. He’s only done one so far, for his Nanny, but he’s promised one to every member of the family.

Altogether, we spent £9 on some really good bits. I’m trying my hardest to stay away but the lure of notebooks and cooking books is too strong. I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be able to resist!

What are you reading with your children at the moment? We’re always on the look out for more books!

Shannon x

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