I’m sitting here, ready to pull my hair out. We’re about a month into awful, horrible tantrums and they make me want to cry. Where did my happy go lucky, easy baby go?

Let me tell you about these tantrums. They can start over the smallest thing, like the washing machine making a stop in its cycle or a toy not doing what he wants. You know a tantrum is coming because it starts with a short sharp ‘aargh’ and then he hits the side of his head. (I’ve got no idea why he does this but he does). You brace yourself for the next stage because it’s coming…tears and shouting, screaming, throwing, kicking. The works. And as quickly as they’ve started, they’ve stopped again and he goes back to what he’s doing.

I know it’s just as frustrating for him because he’s figuring out that he doesn’t always get his way and that things don’t work all the time. But I’m frustrated too. I have a permanent headache because of it. I’m all for gentle parenting but there’s a place for it and these tantrums warrant something being done. I’ve tried telling him no, ignoring him and even tapping his hand when he’s hit me (and I mean a tap). I’m at my wits end and these tantrums are definitely not helping my mood at the moment.

How are you all dealing with these tantrums? He’s 18 months old so doesn’t understand ‘time out’. I was going to make him a calm down bottle (water, glue and glitter) but I’m scared I’ll get it launched at me!

Any suggestions are welcome! If you need me, I’ll be in my child proof duvet fort!

Tantrums..how do I cope?!

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  • 11th December 2015 at 5:44 pm

    My little man is 16 months and has some terrible tantrums. I once spoke to a health visitor who suggested putting up a travel cot in the living room, and every time he threw a tantrum or did something naughty, put him in there and ignore him for one minute (I guess it’s a slightly younger version of a naughty step) but Max got so angry I was scared he was going to push the whole cot over and hurt himself. So now every time he has a tantrum or hits me, I tell him no, then pick him up, put him in the kitchen and walk away. He usually has a little tantrum in the kitchen but because I’m not there to see it, he stops quickly. And actually he has started to stop doing naughty things like hitting me. I know it’s hard work though. One day I swear I put him out there about 100 times. Maybe the travel cot idea might work for you. Hope you feel better knowing someone else understands how entirely exhausting it is! 🙂


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