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Midsummer / Liþa – The Summer Solstice

What is Midsummer / Liþa? The Summer Solstice can sometimes be called Midsummer / Liþa (Litha,) and it occurs on the longest day of the year, which this year is the 21st of June. And to quote Game of Thrones “Winter is Coming”, which means the nights will start to get longer and colder. Midsummer…
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Is 19 months our magic number?

I realised the other day that Archie is now 19 months old. The same age Henry was when we decided to have another baby…apparently we chose the right moment because we fell pregnant on my first cycle. There’s about 27 months between them and now that Archie is older, the age gap is perfect. They…
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Easter 2018 – which egg hunts did we go on?

If you read Gareth’s post on Ostara, you’ll know that we don’t celebrate Easter on Easter Sunday. Our celebration is on the Spring Equinox because Gareth is a Pagan. But that doesn’t mean that we completely ignore the long weekend surrounding Easter. With the shops full of eggs and the promise of hunting them, I…
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Exploring Warwick Castle

If you’re nearby, Warwick Castle is definitely somewhere you need to visit if you haven’t already. Originally built in 1068 by William the Conqueror, this motte-and-bailey castle was originally made of wood until it was rebuilt from stone in the 12th century. There’s so much history surrounding it which is great for the adults but…
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Bye bye breastfeeding

Nearly a week ago, Archie had his last breastfeed. It’s the perfect memory. It was about 5am and he’d come into our bed after sleeping all night. He still looked tired so we snuggled down under the warm duvet and he fed back to sleep. We were both half asleep and when we woke for…
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