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Midsummer / Liþa – The Summer Solstice

What is Midsummer / Liþa? The Summer Solstice can sometimes be called Midsummer / Liþa (Litha,) and it occurs on the longest day of the year, which this year is the 21st of June. And to quote Game of Thrones “Winter is Coming”, which means the nights will start to get longer and colder. Midsummer…
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Ostara the Spring Equinox

This is the first blog post I have done for Shannon, I’ve remained in the shadows looking after this website ensuring it is working correctly for her. She came to me today knowing how important it is to me asking for a post around the Spring Equinox. So a bit of backstory, for many years…
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International Women’s Day 2018

Today is the 8th March, a day which might seem insignificant to some of you but it is in fact International Women’s Day. It has been on this date since 1913 yet I personally don’t remember seeing much about it in the media until a couple of years ago. It could be that I just…
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Bleurgh – where do I go from here?

I think this post might be a bit of a brain dump but nevertheless, I’m going to get it out there in the hope that it’ll help me get out of this funk I’ve gotten myself into. While it isn’t anything new, I get into a blogging block often, this one feels different. I can’t…
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A delicious alternative to banana bread – upside down banana and maple cake

All three boys love bananas so I’ll buy a bunch every week with the food shop. Usually they’ll all get eaten but there’s occasionally a few overripe one languishing on the side. We all know the go to recipe for black bananas and that’s banana bread and while I can make a pretty good one,…
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