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Midsummer / Liþa – The Summer Solstice

What is Midsummer / Liþa? The Summer Solstice can sometimes be called Midsummer / Liþa (Litha,) and it occurs on the longest day of the year, which this year is the 21st of June. And to quote Game of Thrones “Winter is Coming”, which means the nights will start to get longer and colder. Midsummer…
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Ostara the Spring Equinox

This is the first blog post I have done for Shannon, I’ve remained in the shadows looking after this website ensuring it is working correctly for her. She came to me today knowing how important it is to me asking for a post around the Spring Equinox. So a bit of backstory, for many years…
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My Mothers Day 2018

In the UK, we celebrated Mothers Day on Sunday 11th March. I know it’s different to most countries but I didn’t know why until I came to write this post. Apparently, it’s still linked to the Christian calendar. Christians would visit their “mother church” during Lent and this usually took place on the fourth Sunday…
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What was in my February Cake Tasting box?

When this box lands on my doormat, it instantly makes my day better. It does suck that my post arrives at around 11.30am but I have to wait until Gareth gets home to tuck into these delicious baked goods! I got a lot of questions after my unboxing over on my Instagram Stories about where this…
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A delicious alternative to banana bread – upside down banana and maple cake

All three boys love bananas so I’ll buy a bunch every week with the food shop. Usually they’ll all get eaten but there’s occasionally a few overripe one languishing on the side. We all know the go to recipe for black bananas and that’s banana bread and while I can make a pretty good one,…
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