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Bye bye breastfeeding

Nearly a week ago, Archie had his last breastfeed. It’s the perfect memory. It was about 5am and he’d come into our bed after sleeping all night. He still looked tired so we snuggled down under the warm duvet and he fed back to sleep. We were both half asleep and when we woke for…
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Breastfeeding Aversion At 13 Months

I’ve been exclusively breastfeeding for nearly 14 months now. Archie still won’t take a bottle so all of his liquid intake comes from me. He occasionally takes his brothers fruit shoot or drinks cows milk from a straw but if he doesn’t get any straight away, he gets frustrated and it has to be abandoned.…
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Breastfeeding..why is it such a taboo subject?

I’ve been breastfeeding Archer for almost 7 weeks now. He’s exclusively breastfed, meaning he’s had no formula..just Mummy’s magic milk. For the record, I don’t have anything against formula. I combination fed Henry until he was 9 weeks old and then he went onto formula full time until he was a year. I call it…
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