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Archie’s First Birthday & West Lodge Farm Trip

I know, this post is nearly 2 weeks late and I’m ashamed. It’s just felt like life has been going at 100mph lately and I’m only just sitting down to write this. So, here we go.. Archer turned one on the 26th August. I had so many feelings in the run up to his day.…
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Why Do We Feel Pressure To Buy Just For A Birthday?

H is 3 in 10 days. I can’t wait, we’ll be on holiday for it and his little face when we take him to the zoo will be amazing. Animals are his favourite thing at the moment (besides cars but I don’t think anything will replace them!) When we’re done at the zoo, we’ll drive…
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2nd birthday

Henry’s 2nd birthday party

Henry’s 2nd birthday was on Wednesday…I can’t believe how quickly it’s come around. The stress and worry of being overdue, induced and then an emergency c section seems like a lifetime ago but the last 2 years have gone by in a blur. I hate it. I remember reading that the hardest thing about being…
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