A couple of weeks ago, I was contacted and asked if I’d like to review Sudocrem. I love doing reviews, it helps me keep my writing skills sharp and I can be truly honest about a product. So I said yes.

Now, as parents, we’ve all heard of Sudocrem? When I was pregnant with Henry, Gareth’s nan actually recommended that we buy Sudocrem for him because she’d always used it and none of her children/grandchildren had gotten nappy rash. On one of our baby shopping visits, we spotted a big tub on offer so we snapped it up. I used it at every nappy change and it did honestly keep nappy rash at bay. However, as he got older and more difficult to change, I stopped using it because I just wanted to get it over and done with quickly!

Then when I had Archer, coconut oil was the big thing. I bought a tub of the 100% virgin oil and used that in place of conventional nappy cream. I loved that it was natural and it actually smelled lovely. But we all know the problems that can occur with coconut oil, if it gets too hot, it turns to liquid and this isn’t ideal when you’re out and about. It stains anything it comes into contact with and I’ve had to throw out a few bits of clothing because I couldn’t get the grease stain out. So I needed something that I could bring with us on our adventures, that wasn’t going to stain and wasn’t difficult to put on.

Sudocrem Care and Protect has been designed with newborn babies in mind, meaning it’s super gentle and won’t irritate. It goes on so smoothly, some nappy creams I’ve tried pulls the skin along while I’m trying to apply it but this one definitely didn’t. It can be used at every nappy rash too so even in those early day poonamis, it will help protect against redness and irritation. There’s no harsh smell either which I loves as my two are quite sensitive to heavily perfumed things. I still have to use the fragrance free wipes on Henry and he’s 3 and a half. I also love the packaging. The tub we bought before was grey and red, not very exciting at all. This is a pastel purple but still with the grey and red that’s typical of the Sudocrem brand.

I started using this 3 weeks ago, mainly on Archie but also Henry when he would let me. Because Archie still has lovely chubby thighs, he can get redness and rubbing in the creases. I’ve been applying Sudocrem to those areas in particular and he has no redness left at all! And while Henry hasn’t let me put it on as often, his redness has improved as well. I’m actually very impressed with it, I was expecting to see a slight difference but nothing as good as this. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who’s child is still in nappies.


Sudocrem Care & Protect Review

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