Life isn’t easy at the moment. Everything has just seemed to come all at once and I’ve got no idea where to start or how to sort it out! I just keep telling myself it’ll all work out in the end..if I don’t think like that, I’ll go insane!
The first problem is moving house. As you all know, my oh has got a new job. Only problem is that said job is 40 miles away and as he doesn’t drive, muggins here has to drive around 160 miles every day to take him to and from work. I’ve only been doing it for a week and already I’m exhausted..and so is Henry. We can’t do this forever. So we’re looking for somewhere to move. We’ve found a perfect house..2 bed, bath, garden, garage..all the things we don’t have in our current flat. And as our crappy landlord and estate agents haven’t been the best with our neighbour issues (that’s another long story I won’t bore you with), we can end our tenancy when we want. However, finding the funds is proving difficult now thanks to problem number 2. Which is…
Last Tuesday, I was on my way back from dropping oh at work. I was waiting at the roundabout ready to pull off when a van came out of nowhere and ploughed into the back of my car. I have no idea how fast he was going but it was enough to cave in my rear bumper and crumple my boot. I’ve had to shell out £70 for the deposit for the courtesy car (which is a lot of money when saving to move) and I won’t get that back until I return the courtesy car. Which won’t happen until I get a new car. My car has been written off, there was £3000 worth of damage to my car! I only had it 6 days! So now, I’ve got to wait for his insurer to pay me the money for a new car. So that’s added stress.
Then there’s just general money issues. With trying to save to move and the car problems, we’re finding it hard to find money to live. We’ve found the £750 deposit for the house, we’re just struggling to find £225 for admin fees. I’m hoping if we explain the current situation, that the estate agents will be understanding and accept that fee on 28th when my oh gets paid. If they don’t, I don’t know what we’re going to do!

Sorry for this downer post! We’re all doing well apart from that though :mrgreen: Henry is starting to say small words and he’ll walk if both his hands are held, he’s not confident enough for just one yet. I’m so proud of him, he takes everything in his stride and always has a smile on his face!

Sorry I’ve been AWOL…

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