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I’ve recently started putting up pictures on Instagram of my meal plan for the week and how much I’m saving money on the weekly shop. I was surprised at how many people said that they spent loads on their weekly shop…one comment said they’d just spent £103 on one week’s shop! I would die if I spent that much on our food bill! So I’m going to tell you how I plan our week’s meals and how I save money. Hopefully, this can help some of you have a bit of extra money to treat yourselves with..we all deserve it!

Every Sunday afternoon, I sit down with my pen and notebook. I usually ask my other half what he fancies for dinners but he’s never much help so it’s left to me. I have a notebook specifically for my meals and shopping lists. That’s so I can look back at every meal we’ve had over the last couple of months and it stops us falling into a rut of having the same foods over and over again.

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Excuse the scribbles, it’s this week’s shopping lists!
I’ll also write up all our meals on my planner. This lives on the fridge and I try very hard to stick to it!

Saving money 3

Once I’ve written down everything I need, I go onto my Tesco app and add everything on my list into my basket. (You can use whichever supermarket is closest to you, Tesco is a 5-minute walk away from us). The app tells me how much everything costs individually and the total.
On Monday morning, we get up really early and we’re out of the house by 7.45. Aldi is our main shop, mainly because it’s so cheap! We get there for 8 because that’s when it opens and it’s so quiet, there’s no queues or rushing. I get out my shopping list and bring up the Tesco app. This way, I can compare prices and see what’s cheaper where. This has saved us loads of money! There are some things that are cheaper in Tesco but the majority of our shop comes from Aldi.

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There are a few things I do to save a bit of extra money. I will very rarely buy branded products. The only brands I buy are Quorn and that’s because I can’t stand supermarket own. Our baked beans are Tesco and if they’re going in something, like a bolognese, I buy value. And our pasta is 29p Tesco value! There’s nothing wrong with it and anyone who claims they can tell the difference, I think is fibbing!
If a recipe I’m cooking from asks for 2 carrots and I don’t need carrots for the rest of the week, I buy the 2 carrots, not a pack. If I’m using a recipe that needs mash but I’m not using potatoes, I’ll buy frozen mash. It doesn’t taste as good but it cuts back on food waste and stops me from spending as much replacing that food.
I always try and keep my cupboards stocked with staple foods. I always have a well-stocked spice cupboard, I always have flour and eggs, pasta etc. This way, I only have to buy the extras to make a meal.
And always check the reduced sections. I got a bag of 500g flour for 20p and some maple syrup for 99p yesterday just because the packaging was damaged. Saved me around £2.50!

Now, when I say my weekly shop is £30.07 this week, that doesn’t include the quick trips to Tesco to buy goodies or top-ups on milk or bread. I’m terrible for buying goodies for me and my other half to have when Henry is in bed..we don’t drink or smoke so that’s our reward!
Try and stick to a list and don’t put anything in that a) you don’t need and b) isn’t on the list. Don’t be tempted by offers or bargains because they’ll bump up your bill!

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