Henry Christmas 2015

I don’t want to adult.

I don’t want to adult. There I said it. I’ve finally admitted it. It’s hard and difficult and some days, I just want to hide under a duvet and not be ‘Mum’. I want my other half to stay at home and deal with everything I have to on a daily basis. It’s not even…
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Henry 1

Dear Henry…

Dear Henry As you approach 18 months, I can’t help but sit and reminisce about this last year and a half. And they have been crazy. I remember the first moment I saw you. Daddy was by my side as the surgeons brought you into this world. They brought you round the screen and there…
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Wipey Wipes

Wipey Wipes review

Last week, I was lucky enough to win a competition on Instagram to win some Wipey Wipes. They are cloth wipes, not dissimilar to cloth nappies as they have a similar principle. The idea is that they’re reusable, better for your baby’s skin and obviously better for the planet as well. So here is my…
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Today, I stopped and realised..

I’m not going to lie to you, Henry is in a very difficult stage at the moment. And I’m not calling him difficult, I mean I’m finding it difficult. And today I had a realisation. It’s like having a teenage girl in the house! Take yesterday for example. I was in the kitchen starting dinner.…
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Saving money 3

Saving money on the weekly shop

I’ve recently started putting up pictures on Instagram of my meal plan for the week and how much I’m saving money on the weekly shop. I was surprised at how many people said that they spent loads on their weekly shop…one comment said they’d just spent £103 on one week’s shop! I would die if…
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