Birth story

Henry’s birth story

Henry’s birth story. I’m sitting here watching Call the Midwife and thinking about the plans I have for my birth this time. And I got thinking about my birth with Henry and how wrong it went. It didn’t affect me until I found out I was pregnant again and started thinking about what I wanted…
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Pregnant me

10 week pregnancy update

My 10-week pregnancy update. As many of you know by now, I am pregnant again! It’s very strange, it only feels like yesterday that I did all of this with Henry. Although if I start thinking about how he’s almost 2, I might start blubbering..bloody hormones! I’m now 10 weeks pregnant and finally starting to…
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Christmas 2015


After my last, not so happy post, I thought I’d write about my favourite time of year. Christmas! It’s finally upon us. The shops are full of festive buys and decorations and every advert on the TV is Christmas related. Christmas cooking shows are on, tempting us with homemade yule logs and delicious stuffed turkey…
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Henry Christmas 2015

I don’t want to adult.

I don’t want to adult. There I said it. I’ve finally admitted it. It’s hard and difficult and some days, I just want to hide under a duvet and not be ‘Mum’. I want my other half to stay at home and deal with everything I have to on a daily basis. It’s not even…
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Henry 1

Dear Henry…

Dear Henry As you approach 18 months, I can’t help but sit and reminisce about this last year and a half. And they have been crazy. I remember the first moment I saw you. Daddy was by my side as the surgeons brought you into this world. They brought you round the screen and there…
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