Our meal plan | 28th January – 4th February

I had a really positive response to the meal plan I shared last week; in fact, it’s been one of my best performing posts! I know I love reading/watching people’s meal plans and food hauls so I’m wondering why I haven’t done this sooner!

As today is the 28th January and it’s finally payday (for most of us!), I spent a bit more than I usually would but I still kept it within my budget. I got 58 items and it cost £44.48 in Asda. I had to go to Tesco to get the three items that Asda didn’t have and that cost £4.50 (including some chocolate for the boys for being good) so the total of my shopping this week was £48.98.

My meal plan this week included one meal left over from last week. I’ve also included lunches and breakfasts this time because Gareth has a long weekend coming up so I needed to make sure that we had “fancy breakfasts” in, we always have something different than toast or cereal on the weekends.

Here’s what our meal plan looks like this week;

Hot dogs with dill fries

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll remember that we honeymooned in Edinburgh. We found this amazing vegetarian restaurant and I had an incredible veggie hot dog with ketchup, piccalilli and crispy onions. It also came with dill fries which were delicious. I’m going to try and recreate it this week with Quorn hot dogs and freezer fries (I’m no domestic goddess and I’ve got two children so I don’t have time to make it all from scratch!)

Baked feta with rosemary

One of the best vegetarian food accounts I follow is Today I Cooked. Not only are her photos incredible but she has some amazing ideas which make veggie food less boring. I saw this on her feed and it just makes my mouth water. It’s baked feta with olive oil, rosemary and cherry tomatoes on the vine, served with new potatoes and green beans. The garlic bread is to mop up the juices and leftover feta. I can’t wait to try this.

Potato, cheese and leek pie

I absolutely love a potato and cheese pie. I’ll usually just bake it as it is in the oven but I have some puff pastry leftover from last week so I’m going to top the potato with that. I’m going to serve it with gravy, peas and Yorkshire puddings.

Bean chilli and nachos

Henry actually asked for a chilli so I thought I’d try a bean one, without any meat substitute. I’m going to do it in the slow cooker and instead of rice, I’ll do nachos with salsa and loads of cheese with soured cream on the side.

Katsu curry and rice

We’ve all heard of Wagamamas. Their katsu curry is legendary. I haven’t been for ages and I was getting withdrawals. I’ve never made a katsu curry sauce before but I found this recipe online. Fingers crossed it works! I’m using the Quorn crispy fillets instead of coated aubergine, I just don’t like it. They’re currently £1 a box in Morrisons at the moment too.

Cheesy lemon orzo

I had half a packet of orzo in the cupboard to use and searched for recipes to use. This one is from Pinterest, I just searched for orzo recipes and this one sounded the nicest. I’m a bit conflicted with this one, it uses Grana Padano which isn’t vegetarian so I’ll probably make a separate one for me with cheddar in and then top both with mozzarella.

The one meal we had leftover from last week was sweet chilli satay chicken with egg fried rice. I saw this on Charlotte Taylor’s YouTube channel and it sounded amazing. I’ll be substituting the chicken for Quorn obviously but everything else will be the same.

For lunches this week, we’ve got sandwiches with ham, cheese, coleslaw, pickle and cucumber (obviously not all together!) There’s also Pot Noodles, Super Noodles, pesto pasta and some breadstick dippers for the boys. There’s also crisps, chocolate, fruit and yoghurt too.

Breakfasts during the week are crumpets, bagels, cereal or toast. At the weekend, we’ve got Eggs Florentine and chocolate chip pancakes. The reason Gareth has a long weekend is to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday night which won’t finish until the early hours of Monday morning so we’ll need something quick and easy then!

I also bought some household bits like baby wipes, toilet roll, shower gel and toothpaste which bumped the price up a bit but I like to keep those things stocked up. It saves us money towards the end of the month.

Let me know if you’ve gained any inspiration from this meal plan. I’m actually really excited to cook this week. If you make anything on here, let me know. I love sharing ideas when it comes to food.

I’ll be back next week with another meal plan!

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