One adventure a week, just us 3.

Since having A, I’ve become a bit of a hermit. Once my front door is closed, I feel safe. No one can judge me if the boys have a meltdown or if A needs feeding. (Earlier in Tesco, A was screaming and H was just wandering, getting in people’s way and it felt like everyone was staring). It’s also a scary concept, looking after them both if I’m more than 10 minutes away from home. Any further afield and I’m outside of my comfort zone.

But recently I’ve been wondering, how long can I stay inside with them? We don’t even go to the park or anything. I could use the excuse that the weather is rubbish and cold..but once summer comes, my cover will be blown! They both deserve experiences and fun days out. We usually do things with Daddy on the weekend but 1 day out of 7 just isn’t enough for them. Plus things are usually busier and sometimes, more expensive at weekends. I’m also an incredibly anxious driver. In August 2015, I was hit by a van from behind and it’s completely destroyed any confidence I had behind the wheel. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a perfectly competent driver but I go into panic at busy junctions or roundabouts. And I HATE driving somewhere new alone.

I can’t let my fears and worries restrict things I do with the boys. They can’t stay cooped up in the house every day. There’s a farm, woods, parks, lakes, soft play, garden centres nearby..there’s even a zoo! A lot of these places are so close too. So I’ve decided, that one day a week, me and the boys are going to have an adventure day. It’ll probably be Wednesday or Thursday, just to break the week up a bit. I’m also thinking of starting vlogging about those days but I am a complete novice so be kind! It’s about time I started making memories with my babies!

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