Nerdy Post Subscription Box – Review

When the boys are napping, I start working. I’m a part time writer as well as looking after the boys and running my blog. The only time I can work is when they’re quiet because they’re so noisy, most days I can hardly hear myself think! In the run up to Christmas, I’m writing gift lists (which is why I haven’t done any on here!) I came across Nerdy Post when I was writing a list on subscription boxes for dapper men. It sounded like something I would be interested in so I signed up. 

It came from America so I was expecting the delivery time to be quite long. It was surprisingly quick, especially as it was posted over their Thanksgiving weekend. I was also sent a tracking link so I could make sure I was in when it arrived. The box itself is designed really nicely, simple but eye catching. It’s got their Instagram links on the sides and the name of the company on the top. Inside, it was all packaged together neatly so it was easy to see what was inside it as soon as I opened the lid. 

November’s theme was Marvel. I was tempted by December’s theme which was Narnia but I thought Marvel was a safer option. Gareth is a huge nerd and I thought the products inside might get more use if he was likely to use them as well. Inside November’s box, there was;

  • A Doctor Strange print
  • A Hulk sticker
  • 2 double sided mini prints
  • An enamel pin
  • A badge
  • A Loki zipped bag
  • A Stan Lee postcard

They’re all of a high quality which I was pleased about. The mini prints are all glossy and don’t bend easily and the Doctor Strange print will look good in a frame. The enamel pin is sturdy and the bag will make a good make up bag. If I’m totally honest, I was expecting a bit of variation and in hindsight, I think the Narnia box might have been better for me. I also think that I should have gone for the t-shirt and box combo as well, Gareth probably would have worn it (the Marvel t-shirt had Drax on it).


The box that I got was their standard box and this costs $13.95 which is about £10.33. I don’t think it’s bad value for money, like I said above I think variation would have been better for me. You can also stop and start your subscription, depending on the fandom they’ve chosen for that month. I’ve just seen that January’s theme is “Disney Villains” and I’m quite tempted to order one to see if I’d like that one better as I have more of an interest in all things Disney!

If you want to subscribe or even just have a nosey at past boxes, click this link and take a look around!

Please let me know what you think and if you do subscribe, share a picture with me so I can see (and Nerdy Post too of course!)

Shannon x


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