My Mothers Day 2018

In the UK, we celebrated Mothers Day on Sunday 11th March. I know it’s different to most countries but I didn’t know why until I came to write this post. Apparently, it’s still linked to the Christian calendar. Christians would visit their “mother church” during Lent and this usually took place on the fourth Sunday of Lent, three weeks before Easter Sunday. You learn something new every day!

Whatever it’s origins, I have mixed feelings about the day. I enjoy feeling appreciated and showing my own mum that I still appreciate and recognise all she does for me but like all commercialised holidays, I don’t see why there needs to be a set day for this. And I actually tell Gareth not to spend loads of money on me because I feel guilty and would much rather have a handwritten card and a day out. Which is pretty much what we did this year.

I woke up to the smell of hash browns cooking (we’ll ignore the fact that what actually woke me up was Archie poking me in the eye!) Gareth and Henry were already up and dressed, both cooking breakfast together. I had a lovely breakfast of scrambled egg, rosemary hash browns and toast which was all cleaned up while I got dressed. I got to open my cards (Henry chose them both) and he wrote in his one all by himself which is the first time that’s happened. They both chose a book called “I Love You Dino-Mummy” and Gareth got me a necklace with Yggdrasil (the Tree of Life) on.

We’d seen on Facebook a couple of weeks ago that there was going to be a vegan market on in Cambridge. It’s only a 40 minute drive to the Park and Ride and then it costs £7 for us all to park and get the bus into the city so that’s what we decided to do. Unfortunately, it wasn’t what we expected. It was so crowded, with a pushchair and a walking 3 year old, we had to leave after 5 minutes. We didn’t get to buy or sample anything which is such a shame, it looked like a lot of fun. Luckily, Cambridge is huge so it didn’t take us long to come up with a new plan. We hit the market outside, buying hot cross buns for the boys and cake for us, and deciding we needed to move to a little market village where we could have something like this!

The Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology is where we ended up next. It was really interesting, even Henry liked looking at all of the dates of the displays and me and Gareth were explaining the simpler things to him. He then threw a massive paddy at the top because he couldn’t touch something so we had to leave. We’d almost finished looking at everything but there’s nothing like a screaming 3 year old to make you leave somewhere really fast!

The rest of the day was so relaxed. We got some lunch and sat outside eating it, people watching and just chatting. Shopping was next and while I do enjoy buying new things, spending £12 on some coffee is a little bit too expensive in my opinion (cheers Gareth!) When the boys looked like they were having enough, we got the bus home and then went out for dinner. Henry’s favourite restaurant is Bella Italia, it’s pretty much guaranteed that he’ll eat everything he chooses there. Once the boys were in bed, me and Gareth snuggled on the sofa under our duvet, catching up on TV.

It was the most perfect day and I feel so lucky that I get to spend every day with these three. Every day is an adventure with them.

What did you do on Mothers Day or what are you planning to do? Let me know!

Shannon x


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