My 8 caravan holiday essentials

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that we’re going away on holiday next week! I am so excited, I just need time away from the rut of everyday life. We’ve had the best time on our previous holidays and we’ve got so much planned this time, including driving down to Felixstowe after the week at Haven and staying in a hotel. Gareth wants to go to Sutton Hoo (Vikings thing) so we thought we might as well while we’re over in the part of the country.

I thought I’d write a quick blog post about essentials I’ve discovered we need when we’re at a Haven caravan site. This is our third year so I’d like to think that we’re *fairly* prepared. They’re not in any particular order, I’ve written them down as they’ve come to me! So let’s get started…

Coffee bags – I discovered these in my very first Cake Tasting Box and I think they’re the best invention ever. We have a coffee machine at home but it’s not really practical to stick that in the boot and bring it with us! Tea just doesn’t have the same amount of caffeine for me and we’d need to buy a new French Press. But coffee bags are amazing. They’re basically like teabags but for coffee! I can still have my morning cup without the hassle of a machine. We buy Lyons pack of 18 from Tesco, they’re £2.60.

Medication – it might seem like an obvious one but it’s something we always forget when we go away anywhere! Our medicine cabinet is stocked at home so it doesn’t make sense not to bring some with us and end up buying some more while we’re away. I’m not on about bringing the whole lot, for us we usually bring some Calpol, a thermometer and some ibuprofen.

Nom Nom snack bags – not only do these come in handy for the long journeys, they’re also great for keeping the sand off the boys snacks. I usually keep a couple in my bag as well, just in case they want to bring any food from a meal out home with them. They’re great for reducing food waste and they’ll last up to 40 times…just stick them in the dishwasher! Head to Nom Nom Kids to pick some up and if you use the code peanut15, you’ll get 15% off!

Snacks – another obvious one but me and Gareth love to snack while the boys are in bed. Whether we’re watching a film or just TV, having snacks is an essential. At home, we’ve got a 24/7 Tesco literally 5 minutes away but as the on site shop closes at around 10pm, I like bringing my own so we’re always prepared. (Sign of a foodie right here!)

Reuseable straws – not an essential yet because I don’t actually own any but when I get my hands on some, they’ll always be in my bag. Asda have had the space for them for weeks but they haven’t had the stock in. These ones are supposed to be £2.50 which is a lot better than I’ve seen anywhere else. (If anyone’s local Asda have any in, please let me know and I’ll send the money over and a little gift to say thankyou!) They reduce plastic waste and are a great thing to carry around with you.

Pegs – someone recommended bringing some the first time we went away and I thought it was a silly idea but they come in handy. After swimming, we hang our towels and wet costumes outside and secure them with the pegs. It just saves washing them every day and we’re confident they won’t blow away.

Extra blankets – caravans can get cold, especially in the mornings before you’ve put the heating on. Blankets are a lifesaver. The first year we went, me and Henry got up before Gareth and I didn’t know how to put the heating on. So we snuggled in our dressing gowns and blankets and we were lovely and warm.

Entertainment – most caravans now come with TV but sometimes you don’t want to watch it. You can do that at home. We usually bring some books, colouring books and pencils for the boys and a board game or two. This way, we’ve got the option to watch TV but there’s other alternatives if we want them.

There we have it, my eight caravan essentials. Can you think of any more I should add to my list?

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  1. I found this very handy we are going away to stay in a caravan in a couple of weeks with the kids so handy x

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