Minimalism Is The Way Forward!

Since having the boys, I’ve realised how much stuff can just accumulate if you don’t keep on top of it! We’re convinced that we need all these gadgets and bits to keep our children alive when in reality, a lot of it goes unused. With H, I fell into a lot of these traps. He didn’t use the fancy chair with the light up canopy (he hated it!) and while he used his beanbag chair for a short while, he much preferred the blow-up ring. I did sell or donate a lot of the bits we didn’t use but after a while, I questioned why I’d even bought them in the first place? So when we found out we were having A, we made a short list of necessary items and didn’t buy anything that wasn’t on the list. We even left some of those purchases until after he was born, something I would never have done the first time around! I even found that some of the “necessary” items that were on my list weren’t necessary at all and we never even bought them.

The same goes for our home. I don’t need 4 pairs of black leggings or 7 of the same white vest top. Half the clothes in my wardrobe I didn’t wear and was just keeping to bulk out my wardrobe or for sentimental┬áreasons. Why did we have an insane number of cups and mugs when we only need one each, plus a couple of spares in case we have company? Once I started noticing the amount of stuff we had, I couldn’t stop. I became a woman on a mission to get rid of all the unnecessary items that were cluttering up our home! The spices got sorted and I keep meaning to buy a spice rack for them to free up cupboard space. We bought a mug tree with room for 6 mugs and we don’t have any more (except for my amazing unicorn mug but that wouldn’t fit on there anyway!) I’ve started buying clip top jars for our pasta/rice and I’m actually amazed at the amount of plastic packaging I’ve been throwing away. And before we do our food shopping each week, I take an inventory of all the fruit, veg and tins we have so I don’t overbuy. This was a problem I had and since I started my inventories, I’ve been saving loads of money!

Minimalism isn’t for everyone, I will admit. But I do think that everyone could benefit from bringing it into their lives, even a little bit. Start off small, just by going through your kitchen cupboards or your wardrobe and seriously think if you need it all. When was the last time you used/wore a particular item? If you can’t remember, get rid! You need to be a little bit harsh with yourself, it’ll seem like a daunting task at first but trust me, you’ll feel so much better afterwards! And if you really want to feel like you’re doing a good deed, donate any clothes/toys to a charity shop. I donated around 10 bin bags of our unwanted items to our local one and I felt so good about it!

To me, an uncluttered house equals an uncluttered mind. I can’t concentrate on being a good mum/writing/blogging if the house is a mess. It just bugs me and it’s all I can think about! So give it a go! What have you got to lose?!


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