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I’ve always known that I wanted to be a writer. When I was as in school, one teacher recognised my passion and he set up an area for me to write when things got too difficult; my project at that time was a story about a trip to the Congo to find a rare purple gorilla!

Writing has been my outlet and while my blog started out as a hobby, it’s now much more than that. I went freelance a year ago and I’ve spent that time perfecting my research skills, SEO knowledge and generally polishing up my writing.

work with me

Are you a blogger or small parent business?

Whether you want pages of text written for your website, blog posts typed or anything else which involves the written word, I’m your girl!

I know how difficult it can be to find your voice and convey it over text. I also know setting up a business and brand is hard if you don’t have the initial start-up costs. There have been many times where I’ve looked into having a professional logo made or paying someone to overhaul my website but the costs just aren’t something I have.

If you’re a new blog or a parent-run business, I offer discounts; all you have to do is ask! Parenthood is expensive so I would love to help any way I can.

Are you a brand or attraction?

Since setting up my blog in 2015, I’ve worked with a number of brands such as AO and Micro Scooter, as well as written reviews for days out such as Shepreth Wildlife Park and Bewilderwood. My fee is always negotiable so don’t feel bad about asking. I will turn down a product or review if it’s not a fit for me or my readers; I’m sure you understand!

My prices are as follows:

  • £150 – full website proofread and overhaul. This includes a free consultation on Skype of up to an hour.
  • £75 – a single page written for your website eg: About Me. This includes a free consultation on Skype of up to an hour.
  • £50 – a blog of a topic of your choice. This includes research and a free consultation on Skype of half an hour.
  • Proofreading, editing and copywriting of blog posts you’ve already written is also available, just drop me an email and we’ll discuss pricing.


  • Review of a product – £50. This is a written blog post, including photography.
  • Additional social media posts are £25 each – this includes an Instagram post, Insta stories and Facebook post.

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