As we all know by now, I’m partial to a subscription box. I just love the excitement of receiving something in the post that’s just for me, I usually end up sharing everything with the boys. There’s a subscription box for everything these days and when I saw The Cake Tasting Club on Instagram a few months ago, I knew it was something I needed in my life. This isn’t my first box from them, I got my first one in December but it arrived a couple of days before Christmas and I was caught up in festive activities! It was delicious though.

January’s box arrived on the 23rd. You get an email telling you when your box has been sent and I love knowing that I’ll have a little parcel of cake landing on my doormat the next day. They’re sent first class so it’s a super speedy delivery The box is small enough to fit through your letterbox so if you’re at work or are out for the day, you know there’ll be a sweet treat waiting for you when you get home.

I opted for The Classic box. I knew I’d end up having to share with Gareth so I got the bigger box. This is £15 a month and for that you get a slice of cake, 2 varieties of brownies, a cookie or biscuit, a recipe card for one of the products inside and a hot drink. January’s theme was zen. The start of a new year and after the hectic festivities that December brings, relaxation and a refresh are definitely needed. So what was inside this box?

The giant slice of cake was a classic Victoria Sandwich. It was absolutely delicious, definitely my favourite from this box. Think about a traditional birthday cake, all the raspberry jam and buttercream. That’s exactly what this one tasted like and it was dreamy. I wish I could have eaten it all but I had to give Gareth half. He agreed with me though, this cake was heavenly. A beautifully classic start to a classic box.
The first brownie was a dark chocolate ganache brownie. Packed with dark chocolate, this almost had a bitter feel to it but because it had a silky ganache topping, it balanced perfectly. It wasn’t a huge piece which was welcomed, I’m not sure I’d have been able to eat much more and I only had half.
The second brownie was my favourite of the two. A white chocolate chunk brownie topped with crispy meringue dots. This was sweeter than the first but I have a definite sweet tooth. Again, I only had half but I’d have quite happily eaten the whole piece.
The biscuit product was lavender shortbread. I loved these, they were odd but in a good way. Gareth wasn’t too convinced. You could taste the rich butteryness of the shortbread but every so often, you’d bite into a piece of lavender and get a floral note. I feel like it shouldn’t have worked but it did.

The hot drink was a Pukka Earl Grey tea which I’ve yet to try. I’m very much an English Breakfast tea (or good old supermarket everyday teabags!) but I will give this a go. And the recipe card was for the Victoria Sandwich which I will be making with the boys soon, I need some more of that cake in my life.

I was so pleased with this box, I thought it was delicious. Pop over to their website The Cake Tasting Club to get your hands on one of these delicious boxes. Their next dispatch date is the 26th February so you’ve got less than a month to get your order in. And who wouldn’t want cake delivered to them without having to lift a finger?!

January’s “The Cake Tasting Club” box
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