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In November, I subscribed to Birchbox and I wrote a review on my first ever box here. Since then, I’ve also obviously received my December box which I vlogged about over on my YouTube channel. If I’m totally honest, December’s box was by far the best I’ve received and that also includes this month’s too. Both November and January’s boxes didn’t really have much I would use whereas I have been using four out of the five items included within the December box. Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself. I suppose I should show you what I got in my January box before I start criticising it!

This month, Birchbox teamed up with Ohh Deer, a British stationary brand. The leaflet included within my box describes them as “quirky” and that definitely came across with the box design. Bright pink flamingos stood among blue flowers and greenery, really making them stand out. I quite liked this box design, it’s cheery…just what you need to battle your post Christmas blues. This is what I found when I got inside;


Afterspa Amazing Makeup Remover – the leaflet says all you need to remove makeup is this soft cloth and water. You don’t need to add any makeup remover or cleanser, water should take it all off. I haven’t tried it yet myself, mainly because it recommends putting it through the washing machine first and I keep forgetting! But it is lovely and soft so I imagine it’d feel lovely on your skin. This retails at £5.50 and if it does work, I would buy another especially as it says it can last up to 1000 washes!

Lord & Berry Blusher Crayon – an email went out about this product in December. We were given the option to choose the colour we wanted but as I don’t use blush, I decided to let it be a surprise. I got Camelia which is a dark pink. I’m not 100% I’ll use it, I’m terrified of using too much blush and looking like I’m always embarrassed! I’ve tried it on the back of my hand though and it’s easy to apply and blends very well so I guess if I put too much on, I can blend it away. RRP for this product is £15.

PARLOR by Jeff Chastain Moisturising Sea Salt Spray – in my honest opinion, this is the worst product in the box. I don’t have long hair, in fact the last time I got a haircut, I had the sides shaved! So trying to achieve the tousled beach look is a no go for me. Nevertheless, I did try it this morning and I wish I hadn’t. It left my hair feeling and looking greasy. It also had an awful smell. Maybe it would work better on damp hair (I put it on mine after I’d dried it) but I’m in no rush to try it again. This retails at £17 and there’s no way I’d buy it.

Marcelle Waterproof Eyeliner in Charcoal – from what I’ve seen, perfect winged eyeliner is out for 2018 and almost messy eyeliner is in. (Not that I’m pretending to be a beauty blogger, I saw a makeup section on This Morning!) This eyeliner promises to be smudge free and stays put all day. I hope this is true because all of my eyeliner ends up smudged by the end of the day. I will report back on my Instagram if this works. RRP is £10.99 which is more than I would spend on an eyeliner but maybe that’s why mine is all messy by the end of the day.

Thermaliv Night Cream – as a mother of two young children, sleep isn’t something I get a lot of. I try but I often find myself not going to bed until past 11, being woken and 3.30 and 6am, finally getting up for the day at 7. This cream promises to help aid the regeneration of your skin that should happen when you sleep making you look fresh, even if you haven’t had all the sleep you wanted. This retails at £15.75 which I have spent on a face cream before. If this does do what it says it will, I’d probably invest in one.

I’d say the January box was better than the November one but not as good as December. I’ll definitely use three of these products with the possibility of using the blush crayon if I can apply it properly. I won’t use the spray, my hair just feels awful and there’s nothing worse than the feeling of greasy hair. Fingers crossed February’s is better!

Are you a Birchbox subscriber? What did you get in yours this month and what did you think? Or do you get a different beauty box? Let me know.

Shannon x


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