I’m sitting here watching Call the Midwife and thinking about the plans I have for my birth this time. And I got thinking about my birth with Henry and how wrong it went. It didn’t affect me until I found out I was pregnant again and started thinking about what I wanted this time around. So I thought I’d write down Henry’s birth story and hopefully it’ll help me make my peace with it..

Henry was due on 30th May 2014. My due date came and went and he was showing now signs of coming. I’d tried everything, hot food, walks, sex, acupressure..the lot. Nothing was making him budge. On the 2nd June, I had a consultant appointment who made me an induction appointment for 11th June. I was disappointed at first because I had plans of a water birth in the birth centre but I made my peace with it. On the 5th June, I could barely walk with the SPD in my hips. My midwife refused to help so I took myself to the hospital and asked them if there was any way they could bring my induction forward. (In hindsight, I wish I hadn’t done this, I don’t think it would have gone wrong if I’d waited). They had a slot on the 7th June so I took that and prepared to go in to hospital.

I arrived at 5pm on 7th. I had the pessary inserted at 6.30. They encouraged me to go for a walk to try and get things walking. We sat in the hospital garden for a while and walked down the corridors. I felt my first contraction at 8pm but the midwives wouldn’t believe me. At 10pm, they sent my partner home because ‘nothing was happening’. I kept telling them but they said it wouldn’t have happened that quickly. At 1.30am, I finally got the midwife to examine me and I was 5cm. Off to labour ward I went. This is where it went downhill.

They put me on the bed and gave me the gas and air. My mum arrived, shortly followed by my partner. They broke my waters for me (I’m still not sure why) and there was meconium. They attached monitors to Henry’s head and kept an eye on him. At 4am, they asked me if I wanted an epidural because the anaesthetist was going home. I almost felt pressured because that was my last chance to have one. So I got it. I slept until 6am. I finally got to 10cm at 10am and they told me to sleep for an hour so Henry could descend. I was still on my back lying down so I don’t know how that could have happened. 11am I started pushing but after half an hour, they told me they wanted to use forceps but a c section might be needed. They wheeled me off to theatre and didn’t even attempt the forceps, they went straight to the section. Why? Because the surgeon was going home. Yes really.

Henry was born by emcs on 8th June at 12.27pm weighing 9lb13. My aftercare wasn’t great either. Luckily I’m in a different county this time so I’m hopeful that it’ll be a different experience. Despite everything that happened, I am glad that me and Henry are safe, however some of the things that happened shouldn’t. I trusted these people and they did things to benefit themselves, not me or my son.

This time, I’m hoping for a VBAC home birth. I’m not putting myself in that position again. I’m up against it because of my previous section but legally I can birth wherever I like and they have to send someone out. Luckily my midwife is supportive so I’m hopeful!

Henry’s birth story

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