Henry’s 2nd birthday party

2nd birthday

Henry’s 2nd birthday was on Wednesday…I can’t believe how quickly it’s come around. The stress and worry of being overdue, induced and then an emergency c section seems like a lifetime ago but the last 2 years have gone by in a blur. I hate it. I remember reading that the hardest thing about being a parent is watching your children grow up and not being able to slow it down or stop it altogether. And it’s so true!

Anyway, back to happier things! We had his 2nd birthday party yesterday. We chose a great day for it because while the rest of the country had sunshine all week, it had been raining solidly for 3 days where we are. But yesterday, the sun came out and I think it got to about 22 degrees, the perfect temperature for Henry and me, being almost 27 weeks pregnant!
Henry’s latest obsession is dinosaurs. He loves them. If you ask him what noise dinosaurs make, he says ‘roar’ and then laughs. A dinosaur party sounded simple enough, especially with Pinterest’s help! I found loads of ideas there that I could do, that wouldn’t cost a lot of money and that I could make at home.

The first thing I attempted to make were papier-mache dinosaur eggs. It sounds easier than it actually was. I spent a whole day blowing up balloons, doing a layer of papier-mache, waiting for it to reply and then repeating the process. 3 layers weren’t enough to make them strong and they collapsed as soon as the balloon was popped. So that plan got abandoned…but here’s my attempt!

2nd birthday

After that disaster, I then set about trying to decide on dinosaur themed food. There’s the obvious of the dinosaur Cadbury Animals but as nice as they are, they’re not very substantial! As there was only going to be 7 people there (and 2 of us are vegetarians), I decided on burgers (and a veggie option), hot dogs, crisps, cookies, chocolate nests, breadsticks and dips. An easy feast, that didn’t require much cooking and that people could pick at as and when they were hungry.
I also made little signs for the table that were dinosaur themed. We had ‘dino bones’ (potato sticks), ‘triceratops horns’ (cone-shaped crisps), T-Rex track cookies and Pterodactyl chocolate nests.

The living room was decorated with the usual banners, Happy Birthday and 2nd Birthday ones, and some balloons. We had 3 types of balloons as well, green, polka dot and number 2 ones.

We only had my mum, brother and sister and nan up for the day so we didn’t want to go all out but we also wanted to make it special for Henry. We didn’t plan anything for the actual day but as the weather was nice, we spent it in the garden. Although Henry has his leg in plaster still, he couldn’t play with his garden toys like he usually would, his Uncle Pip bought him a Little Tikes turtle sandpit for his birthday. So Daddy, Henry, Uncle Pippy and Auntie Strawberry played with that all afternoon!

2nd birthday

I made his cake myself. It took me a good 24 hours to do and I even had to make ganache at 8 am yesterday morning to finish it. I got the idea off Pinterest, I looked up dinosaur birthday cake ideas and this one seemed the least complicated. Henry has a lot of plastic dinosaurs lying around so I used the smaller ones to decorate his cake.

It was a lovely day and we all had so much fun! The weather was perfect and Henry managed to last until 2.30 without having a nap! With another baby on the way, I’ve got to get used to planning parties on a tight budget! I think I did pretty well, all things considered! And the most important thing is that my little boy loved it and had a great day. That’s all I ever want for him, that he enjoys life.


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  1. Louise says:

    Hope Henry had a lovely time. Seeing you blogging reminded me that I’d abandoned mine! Whoops!

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