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If you haven’t noticed, there’s been some big changes here; my blog theme, layout and colour scheme have all changed. Gareth’s been working hard on it for a few days and the reason is that I am starting up as a freelance writer all on my own! I went freelance in October 2017 and the reason was to enable me to stay at home with the boys while gaining some financial independence. I was really lucky and I landed a job which allowed us to live comfortably for the last year. I was also working with my mum so I wasn’t on my own as such; she made sure the work was ready and waiting for me every Monday morning and the moolah was in my account by lunchtime on Wednesday. Unfortunately, that job has come to an end for the time being. I was gutted at first because we’re back to one wage which is a really hard pill to swallow but I think I’ve come up with a solution.

What am I offering?

So, you’ll notice that there’s now a “Work with me” tab on my blog. That’s there to give anyone who wants me to write for them a way to get in touch with me. It has a layout of my pricing as well as the services I offer. Whether you want a website overhaul or a simple blog post writing, I’m down for that. If you’re a new business or a parent trying to earn some additional income, I offer discounts so please, just ask. I’m also working on adding a portfolio as well as some testimonials so you’ll get to read pieces I’ve written as well as see what people have to say about me (eek!) I’ve been given some really good opportunities in my first year as a freelance writer, like writing for the Huffington Post, building up my SEO knowledge and learning how to write using American English (it’s a lot harder than it sounds!)

How can you help?

The biggest way is to hire me yourself. I’d like to build up my portfolio to cover a range of subjects so no topic is out of bounds. If you aren’t in need of a writer right now, simply just spread the word; share this post, share my website, recommend me to anyone who is starting up a business. Every service includes a free Skype consultation of up to an hour so I can really get a feel of what your unique voice sounds like. I’ll be able to put it into words better that way.

It’s scary starting up on my own but I’m determined to do this. I love earning my own money and writing has been a passion of mine ever since I was little. I don’t have the time to write a novel just yet but maybe one day! I don’t want to just be a blogger, I want to write. And if I can help others find their voices and sell their products, I’ll be a happy human!

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