Christmas Craft Activity – Santa Shapes

As the days get shorter and colder, I’m finding it difficult to occupy the boys and keep them stimulated without using the TV too much (although my feelings on that is something for another post!) I have dodgy joints and feel the cold really easily so staying outside all day isn’t really an option and making hot drink stops would become expensive really quickly, especially if we were doing it every day!

That’s why I was so pleased when got in touch and asked me if I’d want to try one of their activities and post about how it went for us. Craft isn’t something we do often, if I’m honest my patience doesn’t really stretch that far and I hate having to clean up alone. But I’m making a conscious effort to do it more and so we got stuck into this activity. We were sent a Christmas themed craft and Henry absolutely loved it. This year, he’s become more aware of who Santa is and he’s so excited about the upcoming celebrations. 

All you need to do this activity is:

  • Card in different colours but specific Christmas colours would be best (red, green etc)
  • Pencil
  • Felt tips
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Cotton wool

Cut out shapes from the card. These shapes will be used to put together Santa so include a circle for his head, triangle for his hat, square for his body etc. Ask your child to identify the name of the shape and then draw their own on a separate piece of card.

Now you can either stick with the shapes you cut out or cut out the ones your child made. I gave Henry the choice and he wanted to use the ones already cut out but I’m pleased he got shape drawing practice in. Help your child arrange the shapes in a Santa shape and then glue them down when you’re both happy. Add a cotton wool beard, pom pom for his hat and draw a face using the felt tips. Henry then added some Christmas foam shapes and some gem stickers.

And there we go, a beautiful Santa picture ready for you to add to your yearly Christmas decorations. 

This was so fun and really easy, I’m going to try it with a snowman (using different size circles and a triangle carrot) and maybe an elf too. Let me know what you think and if you give this a go.

Find more maths resources here, great for making learning fun!

Shannon x


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