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IKEA hack

IKEA Duktig Hack

The boys love playing with the toy kitchen their Nana got them for Christmas a couple of years ago. It was gorgeous, wooden (obviously) and decorated in red and white. They loved it that much that it has been drawn on, a door is missing, it doesn’t have a sink anymore and the magnets which…
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What we did in January – a roundup

We made it! January has come and gone, finally! It felt like it went on for a lot longer than 31 days. I don’t think early payday helped or the odd space between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Speaking of which, that feels like ages ago. For me, January is my least favourite month. Not…
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Why We’re Boycotting Plastic Toys

A couple of months ago, I wrote a post about how I’m embracing minimalism. Our house isn’t huge so the things we choose to bring in have to be either something we need or something that’s going to last a long time so we don’t need to replace it. Minimalism has really opened my eyes…
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