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caesarean section

Why I willingly chose a caesarean section

Here I am, at 32 weeks and 2 days, and I’ve just made the biggest decision I’ll make through this pregnancy. How I’ll give birth.¬†Choosing to have a caesarean section. When we decided to have a second baby, I was adamant that I’d have an HBAC (home birth after caesarean). I wanted to hire a…
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2nd birthday

Why my boys will never have a ‘traditional family’…

What is a traditional family? When you think of traditional families, what springs to mind? A mum and a dad, maybe some aunts and uncles, and 2 sets of grandparents. Now, I know that traditional families aren’t normality any more but how do you explain to your children why they don’t have that idea of…
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Birth story

I’m back…finally!

I’m back…finally. So, I’ve finally got enough spare time to be able to blog again..yay! After 10 weeks of morning sickness, I was just starting to get back into the swing of motherhood and day to day life. And then Henry fractured his just hasn’t been fair lately! Firstly, pregnancy. It’s going well! I’m…
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Christmas 2015


After my last, not so happy post, I thought I’d write about my favourite time of year. Christmas! It’s finally upon us. The shops are full of festive buys and decorations and every advert on the TV is Christmas related. Christmas cooking shows are on, tempting us with homemade yule logs and delicious stuffed turkey…
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Saving money 3

Saving money on the weekly shop

I’ve recently started putting up pictures on Instagram of my meal plan for the week and how much I’m saving money on the weekly shop. I was surprised at how many people said that they spent loads on their weekly shop…one comment said they’d just spent ¬£103 on one week’s shop! I would die if…
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