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low cost wedding

How to have a low cost wedding (if you don’t want a fuss made!)

After my honeymoon post (I still wish I was in Edinburgh!), I got a lot of messages asking me to share how we had such a low cost wedding. I wasn’t sure if I should post this because I don’t think it’ll be helpful for people who want the whole big thing but that wasn’t…
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Liking the Viking life

When people see that Gareth does Viking reenactment, they have a lot of questions because it’s a bit unusual and they’re usually interested in it. His Viking group have just become independent from another society so what better time to write this and introduce them? Odin’s Aett (pronounced like the number 8) are a reenactment…
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Let’s talk about plastic free privilege

You’ve seen it all over the news and social media lately, it’s a big topic. Going plastic free or being as low waste as possible is an important issue, especially with the impact it has on our planet. Plastic is a big part of our lives and it takes a lot to ditch it completely…
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Promoting breastfeeding isn’t the same as formula shaming.

There’s a picture going around the Internet at the moment of a tweet from Caroline Hirons. This tweet says…”I can’t believe it’s 2018 and we’re still discussing breast vs formula like it really matters at the end of the day. Just feed your kid and get on with your day. They all grow up to…
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We’re not having a wedding…we’re getting married

As I’m sure you’re all aware by now, we’re getting married this month! Having only booked it in November, it seems to have come around so fast and I’m not sure we’re fully prepared for what’s coming. However, when most people hear the word “wedding”, they automatically have this image of a church, a big…
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