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How we’re reducing our household waste and becoming more eco-friendly

One thing I love about blogging and especially the Instagram community is how much I’ve learnt and the new things I’ve discovered. And one of the newer things that I’ve been paying attention to is how much waste we make as a family. Our bins are at the bottom of our front path so most…
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Christmas Craft Activity – Santa Shapes

As the days get shorter and colder, I’m finding it difficult to occupy the boys and keep them stimulated without using the TV too much (although my feelings on that is something for another post!) I have dodgy joints and feel the cold really easily so staying outside all day isn’t really an option and…
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9 Books You NEED On Your Child’s Bookcase

Obviously reading (and writing) are really important in our household. English was my favourite subject at school and I love losing myself in the pages of a book. We started buying books for Henry before he was born. I was keen to buy my old favourites and there’s still some on my list I haven’t…
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Henry Christmas 2015

To school or not to school?

Homeschool. Over the last couple of days, I’ve seen news articles that say that if you have a summer baby, you can delay them starting school for another year. In the UK, children have to start school in the September after their fourth birthday and for summer babies, they will have only just turned 4…
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