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last month

Catch up of the last month

In the last month, I’m finding it so hard to do anything that doesn’t revolve around the boys and my blog has been neglected as a result. Which I hate because this is the only thing I have for myself. Even if the soundtrack to my writing is Henry playing noisily and Archer either snoring…
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Birth story

I’m back…finally!

I’m back…finally. So, I’ve finally got enough spare time to be able to blog again..yay! After 10 weeks of morning sickness, I was just starting to get back into the swing of motherhood and day to day life. And then Henry fractured his just hasn’t been fair lately! Firstly, pregnancy. It’s going well! I’m…
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Christmas 2015


After my last, not so happy post, I thought I’d write about my favourite time of year. Christmas! It’s finally upon us. The shops are full of festive buys and decorations and every advert on the TV is Christmas related. Christmas cooking shows are on, tempting us with homemade yule logs and delicious stuffed turkey…
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Henry 1

What happened to the sisterhood?

Henry is almost 17 months now and I think I’m doing a damn good job! He’s still alive, isn’t he? 😉 but even now, so long after his birth, I still see criticism and people judging other people’s parenting decisions. I’ll use women/mothers as an example here but I’ve heard/seen men do it too. It’s…
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Henry Files Logo

Brand new blog!

Brand new blog! So after blogging for a couple of months, I decided to do some more research into the world of blogging and see which other blogging sites there were. I came across this one and liked the look and layout a lot better than my old one so I think I’ll be sticking…
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