Brand new blog!

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Brand new blog!

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So after blogging for a couple of months, I decided to do some more research into the world of blogging and see which other blogging sites there were. I came across this one and liked the look and layout a lot better than my old one so I think I’ll be sticking to this site now. I’ll eventually post all my recipes from my old blog onto here but I need some time to get used to this site before I start doing that!

As Henry is now 1, I’m hoping my blog posts might be a bit more adventurous and not so focused on weaning. Henry is off formula now so I guess that means he’s fully weaned? I’ll still be uploading recipes etc but I’m hoping to post more about activities and maybe even some reviews..if anyone would be interested in that sort of thing? There will also be more personal posts about what’s going on in our day to day lives too. We’re waiting on some news but if it’s good news, we’ll be starting a brand new chapter in our lives. Which I’m very excited about! (that makes it sound like I’m pregnant and I’m definitely not!)

Anyway, that’s enough for now..I’ve got to go and stop my boisterous toddler (that still sounds weird to say) from pulling every DVD off the stand. His dad won’t be happy, he has to have them arranged alphabetically and I don’t have the time or patience to put them back in the right order!

Until next time

Shannon x


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  1. Louise says:

    Yayy! Wonderful to see you on WordPress! x

    • thehenryfiles says:

      I looked into it after you recommended it and it looked a lot better (and easier) then Blogger so I thought I’d give it a go!x

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