Author: peanutandsprout

Marmite Bread 2

Marmite bread!

Marmite bread! My partner and his Nan love Marmite. And in the 2 and a half years we’ve been together, I’ve lost count of the times they’ve mentioned this Marmite bread they used to get from a bakery. Apparently, the baker said there wasn’t enough need to make them, much to my nan-in-law’s disgust! So…
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Edible Paint 5

‘Edible’ paint!

Edible paint. I love going out with Henry. We live on such a busy street so we can’t open the windows because of the noise. So the only way we get fresh air is when we actually go outside. We both love it and it gives me a break from trying to stop my demon…
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Henry Files Logo

Brand new blog!

Brand new blog! So after blogging for a couple of months, I decided to do some more research into the world of blogging and see which other blogging sites there were. I came across this one and liked the look and layout a lot better than my old one so I think I’ll be sticking…
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