About us.

I’m Shannon and I’m 23. I’m a full time mum to two boys. I’m also a part time blogger/writer/editor. I love all things rainbow, unicorns are my favourite animal and anything with glitter on, I need to own! I used to love reading (back when I had a minute’s peace) and my favourite genre is crime. If there’s a crime series or murder documentary on TV, I’m all over it.

Our family is me (obviously) and my better half, Gareth. He’s 27 and a self confessed nerd. He loves all things technology or video game related. He also does Viking re-enactment so I’m technically married to a Viking. We’ve been together for four and a half years, since I was 18. We actually met on a dating site. I’d joined on a lonely Valentines Day as they had a free trial! He was the first person I was matched with. I put off meeting him twice but third time lucky and we haven’t been apart since.

Then there’s our two boys; Henry and Archer. Henry is four and is very into his cars and numbers. He’s quite an old soul, he soaks up information like a sponge. Archer is two and is getting into anything and everything. He’s still very clingy to his Mama and has to be by my side whenever he can. It gets tedious but it won’t be forever!

I started my blog in 2015. I’ve always written, I can remember teachers using it as a way for me to behave and focus in school. Before I became a mother, I didn’t have much subject matter. My blog started out as an Instagram account called “henryledweaning” where I documented our weaning journey. I shared pictures and recipes of baby friendly food to help other parents who found the weaning process daunting. After I gained some followers and interest, it boosted my confidence and I started a blog alongside my Instagram. It then evolved into “thehenryfiles” once he was fully weaned as it became less about food and more about our day to day lives. Then I became pregnant with Archer and I needed a new name. “Peanut” is the name I gave Henry when I was pregnant with him and “Sprout” was our nickname for Archer. So it stuck.

We’ve also just entered the world of vlogging too! Our YouTube is under the same name “Peanut and Sprout” but I usually link a video in with a blog post I’ve written. Over on our channel, you’ll find videos of days out, reviews and videos about our daily life.

If you want to read posts about motherhood, family life or occasional reviews, you’ve come to the right place! All views and opinions posted on here are mine and mine alone so don’t take it as gospel!


Shannon x