38-week pregnancy update and 2 weeks until due date!

You can also read my 10 weeks, 26-week, 30-week  and 36-week updates! I won’t make it to my due date because of the elective section but saying it like that just reminds me how close I am..and how this pregnancy will be over soon!

38-week pregnancy update

Don’t get me wrong, I love pregnancy to a point. I love the idea that I can grow a human being, that I’m lucky enough to carry them and then birth them. And the movements are magical too until the baby gets too big and you end up with a foot in your ribs! Once I hit a certain point, I’ve had enough. I think this time, it was around 33/34 weeks. The same time we had that awful heatwave (I must be the only person who wishes for rain in August!).

38-week pregnancy update

I’m feeling uncomfortable ALL THE TIME, hot sweats, cold sweats, restless legs and heartburn. I’m also finding it hard to get midwives to listen to me. Since last Monday, I’ve been getting pains in my back and bump. Nothing I can time and they’re sporadic (they can last anywhere from an hour to all day) but this and the other early labour symptoms I’ve been experiencing make me think my body is getting ready. I’d had enough yesterday and rang the hospital, hoping they’d ask me to come in and check me over. But all I got was ‘its normal, take some paracetamol’..do they think I haven’t tried that?! I stressed how much I wanted to try a natural birth if it happened early but they just dismissed me. I don’t see the point in slow labouring for weeks to then have it done ‘artificially‘. This is exactly the reason why I desperately wanted a home birth (but circumstances wouldn’t allow and I’m OK with that). What I’m not OK with is being dismissed and left alone. Surely midwives and medical professionals are there to examine you and put your mind at ease! I’m pretty sure if I’d had another medical symptom for more then a week, they’d want to check me over!

I’ve tried all the natural ways to induce labour but nothing’s helped yet. I spend most days on my birthing ball but that makes my thighs hurt! And as I know when he’s definitely coming, I’ve decided to relax and enjoy the last few days I’ve got as a family of 3. Who knows, maybe me being relaxed will kick-start something!

38-week pregnancy update

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