36-week pregnancy update

36-week pregnancy update and Less than a month to go!  
You can also read my 10 weeks and 26-week & 30-week updates! I’m feeling so unprepared! There are a few bits I still need to get! A bath seat (we had an Angelcare one with Henry and loved it so we’ll be getting that again), an Ewan the dream sheep, some form of wrap as we’re not getting a double pram (it wouldn’t fit in my car!) and finish hospital bags. But the majority of those are packed now so if I do go into early labour, I’ve got the basics and I’ve even left a list on the top so Gareth knows what to pack!

I’m seeing my consultant on Friday for a growth scan and to talk through my birthing options. I was set on an elective section (see the previous blog post!) but I had to go into hospital last week for reduced movements and dizzy spells (all is fine luckily!) and the midwife I saw was so lovely and very pro VBAC. She recommended the birthing centre, which I wanted to use with Henry but couldn’t due to the induction. So now I don’t know what to do! If I birth in the hospital, Henry will already be with my mum so I won’t need to worry about what will happen to him. However, Gareth only has a provisional licence so can only drive the car with me in it (or someone else over 21 and who’s had their licence for 3+years). So if I have to stay in the hospital for whatever reason and he has to go home, it’ll be a pain for him to get here. We only live 11 minutes from the hospital but it’s not in a very accessible location! I’m hoping my consultant can go through all options, listen to our circumstances and help us decide what’s for the best!

I’m having no signs of labour at all. Not that I want them this early (37 weeks is full term) but I remember I was getting cramps and backache from 34 weeks with Henry. The only thing I’m getting is a lot of heartburn, aches and a feeling of pressure ‘down below’! Pregnancy is so magical!

36-week pregnancy update

We finally got around to blowing up my gym ball so I’m spending most nights bouncing up and down on that and doing figures of 8..anything to get this little man in the optimum birthing position! I’m in 2 minds about whether to get raspberry leaf tea. I drank it when I was pregnant with Henry but it didn’t do anything at all. And I hate the taste. I could get the capsules but I’d rather take it in tea form if any. Apart from that, I won’t be trying any other old wives tale to bring on labour. I remember trying this coffee steam thing with Henry. It was all over my birthing board. You basically put a bowl of steaming coffee (as hot as you can stand it) down the toilet and then sit above it for half an hour. The caffeine is supposed to irritate your cervix and help it dilate. It didn’t work! I also ate a whole pineapple, tried labour pizza (Google it!), acupressure, walking…none of it did anything. So if I am determined to have a natural birth, I need to let my body do it on its own without any form of intervention. I’m in 2 minds about a sweep as well. I had 2 with Henry (one on my due date and another at 40+6). Time will tell I guess.

36-week pregnancy update
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