26 weeks pregnancy update…and gender reveal!

26-week pregnancy update

The last pregnancy update I did was at 10 weeks…I know! 16, nearly 17 weeks later, here’s my 26-week pregnancy update. I’ll try and summarise the last 4 months as best I can!

First of all, everything is fine with me and baby. Our 20-week scan went perfectly and it was so nice to see baby again. The next time I’ll see baby will be at 36 weeks when I’m booked in for a growth and presentation scan. Henry was 9lb13 and back to back so because I’m attempting an HBAC, they want to try and eliminate every risk possible. I’ve also got to have a gestational diabetes test on the 15th of June. Mainly because of Henry’s size and because the baby’s tummy was measuring slightly above average. I was in two minds about having it but while I’m scared, it’s my duty as a mama to do everything I can to prevent anything bad happening.

We decided at our 20-week scan that we wouldn’t put baby’s sex on any social media..because of those ‘friends’ who are only interested when there’s gossip and ignore you any other time. But the Mr has just started his own blog and he put baby’s sex on there so we decided that it was time to reveal! We are having a

26-week pregnancy update

beautiful baby boy! Henry is going to have a baby brother! I would have stayed team yellow if I could but I’m far too nosey not to know haha! It took us a good 6 weeks to decide on his name but he’s going to be Archer Jaxon or Archie for short. We can’t wait to meet him and see the bond that he and Henry will have.

As for me, I’m coping well. Apart from the usual aches and pains, I’m cleaning all the time! I can wipe down the sides with anti-bac spray 10x+ a day! And I can clean the floor at least twice a day. It’s all I can think about, I find it oddly satisfying to scrub at something over and over again. I really hope this is just nesting and not the beginning of some weird OCD! The kitchen and bathroom are my favourite rooms to clean because there are sides to wipe and taps to shine…I guarantee that once I’m done writing this post, I’ll be wiping at something!
I’m also so tired all the time. I have to be in bed by 10 pm, otherwise, I get grouchy. I’m waking up with leg cramps every morning, those aren’t fun. And the baby has started to kick that hard that I can see his movements from the outside, which means Mr can feel them too. Whenever Henry sees my tummy, he says ‘aww baby’ and blows a kiss.

26-week pregnancy update

Yay for baby bumps that finally look bumpy and not just fat! I’ve managed to stay away from maternity clothes so far but I don’t think it’ll be long before I’ve got to buy a few bits to squeeze into!

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  2. How exciting!!! What a great name choice as well! Hope the diabetes test goes ok x

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