10 week pregnancy update

Pregnant me

My 10-week pregnancy update. As many of you know by now, I am pregnant again! It’s very strange, it only feels like yesterday that I did all of this with Henry. Although if I start thinking about how he’s almost 2, I might start blubbering..bloody hormones!

I’m now 10 weeks pregnant and finally starting to feel much better. I found out 2 days after Christmas and I was just over 4 weeks then. As soon as week 6 hit, so did the sickness. Exactly the same time I got it with Henry. I’m one of these really unlucky ones who gets severe morning sickness. I’m talking sickness and nausea throughout the day, heaving until I pull muscles, not eating or drinking for days. It’s bad. I haven’t been sick for almost 2 weeks now, although I still get slight nausea.
I’m so tired though. Lucky for me, Henry has dropped his afternoon nap..so I have to plod on through the day and not fall asleep on the sofa! I’m getting growing pains around my tummy and lower back too (I’d forgotten about these!). And my boobs are so sore!
Apart from all these charming symptoms, I feel OK. I don’t think the fact that I’m pregnant has sunk in yet, even though I’ve seen my midwife and have my first scan in 12 days!
I’m planning a home birth this time. I’ll be up against it though because my BMI is slightly high (no-one has taken into consideration my giant boobs!) and my previous c section. I believe my section was unnecessary (that’s another story) but I don’t see any reason why I can’t birth at home. So I will fight my corner and prove everyone wrong!

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